Discount Codes


  Discount Codes

We have a few set discounts for our products, that we would love to share with you. 

The discounts are as follows:

  • 2 Black or Coloured Raincover Holders (not to include any of the printed fabric) for £35. Simply add 2 Bags to your basket & use code Bag1 at the checkout for your discount to be applied.

  • A Tablet and Phone Holder Set for £33. Simply add a Tablet and a Phone Holder to your basket & use code Tablet&PhoneHolder at the checkout for the discount to be applied.

  • £10 off a Donkey Mono Package. This includes one Black Raincover Holder Bag, One Side Basket Liner in Black, One Side Basket Lid in Black, one Side Basket Clear Raincover Bag and One full set of Mono Donkey Chassis Covers in Black. Code DonkeyMonoPackage

Please ensure you use these codes at the time of you ordering, as we are unable to add discounts on once your order has been received. We reserve the right to change or remove the above discounts at any time, if the items required to qualify for each particular discount code has not been purchased your order may be cancelled.